Conversational AI platform to delight your customers

Single platform to provide omni-channel experiences across multiple platforms including Web, Mobile Apps , Smart speakers like Alexa, Google Assistant and Chat based platforms like Facebook Messenger, Slack.

Relishly Conversational AI Platform

50+ Million Smart Speakers are now in customer homes and need technology that understands the user’s conversations. With our Natural Language Understanding technology coupled with Deep Knowledge graph, delight your users on multiple platforms including Website, Mobile and Smart Speakers.

Intent Engine

Accurately detects user intent from user conversation

Contextual Engine

Maps the intent into appropriate user context that helps power rich personalized experiences.

Knowledge Graph

Deep Graph of Semantic knowledge learnt from public data sources readily available to plug into AI engine.

Natural Language Understanding

Deep Natural Language understanding parses the customer intent into various micro contextual actions

Dialog Manager

Manages dialog conversation with the user asking relevant information and engaging in a personalized dialog.



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