Screen Reader technologies does not understand the website.

4+ Million people with Blind and Vision impaired users in USA. Blind and vision impaired users spend significant amount of time on website trying to find the information.

Conversational AI technology to assist Blind and Visually Impaired users.

Easy Integration

Easily integrate the voice assistant on your website with few lines of Javascript.

Advanced Voice Navigation on your website.

Enable advanced voice navigation and screen reading on the website for easy information access to visually impaired users to communicate to your brand.

Real-time Indexing

Real time indexing API to keep your content up to date in search and conversational flow

Enable Conversations on Smart Speakers

Blind and Visually impaired are using Alexa and Google Assistant to do common tasks. Enable your brand on Alexa and Google Assistant for easy Information Access

Natural Language Understanding

Deep Natural Language understanding parses the customer intent into various micro contextual actions

Dialog Manager

Manages dialog conversation with the user asking relevant information and engaging in a personalized dialog.

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