Relishly understands conversational Query using NLP and Knowledge Graph.

Metadata not present in product can still be mapped using our proprietary knowledge graph.

Users drop-off with Keyword based product search

With every bad search experience you are losing potential revenue and customers. Dropped off users are less likely to return to your store.With keyword based search technology your users cannot communicate with you on new Conversational platforms like Alexa and Google Assistant.

Conversational Search Platform

Easy Integration

Automatic Catalog Ingestion

Real-time Indexing

Real time indexing API to keep your catalog up to date in search and conversational flow

Shopping Knowlege Graph

Millions of Shopping intents with real life shopping situations mapped to products

Natural Language Understanding

Deep Natural Language understanding parses the customer intent into various micro contextual actions

Enable Conversations on Smart Speakers

Enable your brand on Alexa and Google Assistant for easy Product Discovery

Dialog Manager

Manages dialog conversation with the user asking relevant information and engaging in a personalized dialog.


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